The GOP and Donald Trump

March 18, 2016

I don’t know about everyone else but I am sick of hearing that the GOP leaders are looking for ways to stop Donald Trump. What the hell is wrong with them? Oh wait, they are politicians so they think the can do whatever they want! Well GOP, how about listing to all the people in America that WANT him, as the primary’s and caucuses are showing.

Aren’t the people suppose to decide who runs for President?
Not just a handful of old school thinkers!

So America, if you want Donald Trump for President, jump on the social media platforms and start voicing your opinions. Tell these GOP, know it all, leaders that you have had enough of their bullshit and that YOU WANT TRUMP!!

Without Trump running for President you get Hillary! GOD HELP US!!!

Burnside Ave Bike Lane-what a joke

October 18, 2015

The state of Connecticut, after spending God knows how much money making Burnside Ave into four lanes, has now spent some ridiculous amount of money to change it back to two lanes and put in “BIKE LANES”. Well they thought they were going to be used as bike lanes!

If you drive down Burnside Ave, from Manchester, you will not that solid white line have been painted to designate two lanes in each direction, with a diagonal white line at the beginning (at least in one spot, another joke) to supposedly tell people to move to the left and NOT drive in the right (bike) lane. Well that isn’t working, you see most people in this East Hartford, or anywhere, appear to not know what SOLID lines mean! They cross them any damn time the please. Even the buses ignore them. SO as you drive on Burnside Ave you will find vehicles driving in the so called “bike lane”. EVEN the POLICE!!!!

The problem is that the “BIKE LANE” is NOT clearly marked as such. There should be bicycles painted in the lane just like any normal bike lane would have. This “bike lane” is so confusing because people don’t know what it is. That coupled with the people that don’t know not to cross a solid line is just leading to accidents.

Then I ask myself, many people I know, and now you , how many bikes have you seen on Burnside Ave? I have seen only one all summer. So why did they put the stupid lanes in?

This needs to be fixed!!!! Its an accident waiting to happen!

10,000 Syrians! WTF

September 11, 2015

Here we go again. President Obama wants to bring 10,000 Syrians to the United States. What, is he out of his ever loving mind! We can’t take care of the people we have in this country now and he wants to bring more needy individuals here. How are we to pay for that? Better yet, who’s money are they going to use? OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!! How about helping those already here? The homeless, jobless, and Veterans! Those that lost their homes to Katrina that are still waiting, TEN YEARS later! Give us a break Obama! Take care of our own! You and the rest of the politicians have sent enough of our taxes out of the country to help others. Well it’s time to stop and take care of our own!!! NOW!!

And then there is our Governor Malloy. He wants to bring some here to Connecticut. First he needs to take his head out of Obama’s ass and use it for something other than holding back Obama’s shit! How are YOU going to pay for their care and Welfare Governor? Where are they going to live, find jobs , go to school, or get money to buy food. With our tax dollars? You don’t have enough money to run the state as it is! You raised taxes and cut benefits while you sit in your nice house and live high on the hog. How about taking care of the state residence we have no and NOT adding to the welfare and jobless roles we  already have. Maybe you should have them move in with you and YOU pay for them to live here!

I don’t know about anyone else in Connecticut or this country, but I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!

Speak up America!!!  Grow some balls!

Are you feeling forked over today? You should be!

June 4, 2015

Why, you may ask? If you live in Connecticut we have just been screwed by our government. They passed a ridiculous budget AGAIN!. Remember when the Governor, what’s his name, “lying Dan Malloy” said he wouldn’t raise taxes. Well he did it in roundabout way. No, they didn’t raise the sales tax, but they now tax clothing under $50.00 and a bunch of other stuff that never was taxed before. Tyey reduced the property tax credit from $300 to $200. So how is that NOT raising taxes.! Danny boy Malloy is a lying bastard.

Oh, and you know how this whole budget got through? Those that wanted it waited for those that didn’t want it to leave for the night, and then they voted on it in the house. That’s WRONG, just plain WRONG! There should be a law that says the majority of the members need to be present before a vote can be taken. The other thing that’s wrong is that those who left because they we FREAKIN’ TIRED should be thrown out of office! How can you represent us and fight for us if you AREN’T THERE!!!!!! YES I’M PISSED OFF!!!

Billboard Music Awards

May 18, 2015

Did you watch the Billboard Music Award show on Sunday, May 17th?

It wasn’t too bad, certainly better than last year, but still NOT a great show.

#Maria #Carey sucked as usual. She should move over, get out of the way and let #JLO move in! Oh, wait! JLo has moved in! Maria, go hide somewhere. You can’t sing. All you can do is runs of lalalalalalala.

The worst part was the end! Thank goodness it was the end. #Kanye #West is a disgrace to music. The music community should shun him. Most of his act was bleeped out due to the inappropriate for TV language and you couldn’t see a damn thing though all the smoke. I can’t believe #ABC would air a show with him in it.

Let’s Bash ESPN’s Women’s Basketball Announcers!

December 30, 2014
First let me start by congratulating UCONN women’s basketball team for sending Duke home with their tails between their legs. Nice job girls!
Last night Doris Burke and Dave O’Brien, the announcers for the game did a terrible job again! All he did was talk about how tall the Duke girls were and talk about their reach. Well tell me that is just useless information when it’s repeated over and over and over. I think they said it at least 10 times if not more. Yes it’s nice to know that their girls are tall. But you don’t need to tell us more than once it’s not that important. Especially when it didn’t make any difference in the game because they sucked.
 I have yet to hear them announce a game where they actually told him what was happening in the game. They never tell us who commits the fouls , how many fouls  that person how has, and who they committed against. They never tell us how many fouls the teams have accumulated as the game goes and last night they didn’t even tell us that Brianna had left the game because she had three fouls . No! Instead Doris Burke says she went out to take a breather! Hello Doris!! Are you paying attention?
The other thing is, how come ESPN doesn’t do any interviews of the coaches or players or anybody else ? It’s like they just don’t care about the UCONN women’s basketball team!
I think it’s time for your ESPN to get rid of these two bozos they call announcers and hire somebody is going to call the game, not just bullshit.

An update on F. Mark Granato

December 14, 2014

Some time ago I wrote about F. Mark Granato. A good ole’ boy who grew up, with me, in the south end of Hartford, CT. Well the truth be told he is also my cousin. Mark has written several more books since my first post and I recommend that you check them all out.

They can all be found on and

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EBOLA! Here is what I say about controlling it.

October 17, 2014

Everyone is saying that EBOLA needs to be stopped in Africa! I agree,  but hell will freeze over before that happens. So US Government, STOP spending our money over there. Spend it here and control the spread here! How you might ask! There needs to be controls at our borders.

  1.  Anyone who wants to travel to Africa should be allowed to buy a ONE-WAY ticket ONLY. You can go, but you can’t come back! I mean anywhere in Africa. How do we know if someone from an infected area hasn’t traveled to some other part of Africa!
  2.  Stop ALL flights from Africa into the USA.
  3.  Stop anyone coming across our borders, from any other country, that allows travel to and from Africa! After all how do we know if people in other countries haven’t contracted the disease.
  4.  Anyone coming into the US should have documented proof of where they have traveled in the past 90 days, otherwise don’t allow them in.

Yes, this will cost money, but if we stop sending all our money abroad we will have enough to pay for this. We Americans should come first,  before any other foreign country.

So fellow Americans, start speaking your minds and tell this screwed up government of ours how you feel and what you want done about EBOLA!!!

Are you ready to DIE!!!!

August 4, 2014

While that may sound like an extreme question our dumb-asses in government have just put all our lives at risk. They are bringing two people back to the US that have Ebola for treatment. But wait! They say there is no cure! So why bring them here? Sure they are in quarantine, but what the hell does that mean? Locked in a room where they can never leave. Aren’t other people going in and out of that room? Can’t they be infected and  then contaminate the rest of us? The two victims should have been left where they were and treated there, not brought here to the US and jeopardize all our lives. WTF!!

Boston Bomber’s Body

May 6, 2013

Can you believer that Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s family wants to bury him in OUR country! Well you know what I have to say about that! Screw them!!!! I say; take his body, chop it up into little pieces and feed it to the sharks. Better yet, dump it on his uncles front lawn! If any facility in this country allows him too be buried there they should be boycotted by everybody.

Why should he be buried in the US. What a slap in the face that would be!


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