Illegal immigrants voting in New Haven Connecticut

Mayor Distefano wants to allow illegal immigrants to vote in the city of New Haven. Why should they be allowed to make anything that say about goes on in our cities, state or government! They have no rights and should have no rights, they shouldn’t even be in the country they should be deported. As one taxpayer I am sick of supporting all these people who come into this country illegally. We already have a problem supporting those that are here legally! Let’s put an end to this crap!!!


One Response to “Illegal immigrants voting in New Haven Connecticut”

  1. Matthew Pitts (N8OHU) Says:

    Unfortunately, it seems that it’s more important to some politicians to spend money we can’t afford to spend to help anyone that gets into this country. Personally, I not only would like to see the illegal residents get deported, but I would like to see those that have gotten comfortable living off of the taxpayers money have to start proving they deserve it, starting with proving they aren’t using our money to get stoned or drunk.

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